16 thoughts on “The Bumble’s Introduction!!! Videos

  1. Looks like you and the Water Mkey had a great time. Make sure you guys have more trips together. Be well and awesome website/blog. Keep hanging as lying on the ground is just painful:)

  2. When I was a kid I was so scared of the “Bumble”, until he got his teeth taken out. That was the scariest thing for me to watch. And now I see he’s on your blog and it brought back some bad memories. But I’m over it now but it took a few years. Cool to see you blogging Bumble. I started one a little while ago too. Keep it up and soon everyone will be saying Watermonkey who? We all know who the real brains are behind the organization don’t we.

  3. Awesome Blog! Love this videos! I would watch what I drink when I’m out with water monkey if I were you.

    Oh and your trail name rocks!

  4. You were very funny in the speed challenge video! I would like to have a blog, but I have been procrastinating on that goal. Congrats on your launch. Have fun with it! I am Turtlelady on the hammock forums.

  5. Go for it Mr B. You have to slow down a little on the great showmanship you bring or that WM dude will get upset….. Loving your work!!!

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